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 Sierra Ray

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PostSubject: Sierra Ray   Sierra Ray I_icon_minitimeSat 30 Jan 2010, 17:29

Name: Sierra Ray

Hair: Long straight dark black

Eyes: Light blue

What are you? Vampire/human hybrid

Height: 5'5

Physical description: She is small but in very good shape from her constant battles with vampires, She has deep light blue eyes, and long black hair, she is usally found wearing black, or darker colors, her favorite is her black skirt and tank, and you will never find her without her favorite sword, that use to belong to her human father who collected them.

Special Talents: She is telekinetic, but if she gets to angry or has a flash back of what happened to her parents, she loses control easily, as she is traveling she is working on reigning in her anger, but not without difficulty.

Personality: Sierra use to be a normal happy, goofy teenager, but her personality changed to someone who doesn't get to close to anyone and she is constantly batteling with anger, after she watched her parents be killed, deep down she wants to go back to her old self, but she is afraid to let her guard down, she doesn't trust very easily and has never found a vampire that she could trust.

Places lived: She was constantly moved around as a kid every couple of years, so not really sure all the places, she didnt know at the time that it was her parents trying to keep her safe.

Living now: She is currantly in forks, but not a permant place she is constantly traveling because she has nobody left.

Family: Abby and John Ray(adopted parents who were killed) and Darian(vampire father who killed parents, who sierra killed after losing control of her anger)
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Sierra Ray
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