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 Carly Sarah Emily Black

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PostSubject: Carly Sarah Emily Black   Carly Sarah Emily Black I_icon_minitimeSun 31 Jan 2010, 07:36

Full Name:Carly Anne Cullen

Hair Colour: Black

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter): Vampire/Human/Werewolve Hybrid

Height: 2' 7"

Physical Description: Built like a porcelian doll, prettier than Renesmee was., Black riglets that flow to her low back, Ice blue eyes. Caramel skin.

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.): The ability to change her appearance. She can change her eye colour, hair colour, her hieght, and she can shape-shift into a wolf.

Personality: Sweet, Sassy, Adorable, Lovable, the perfect little girl.

Places Lived: Forks, Washington. La Push, Washington. Denali, Alaska.

Where you live now: Denali, Alaska.

Family: Mother and Father- Renesmee and Jacob. Grandparents- Billy, Sarah, Isabella, and Edward. Great-grandparents- Renee, Charlie, Carlisle, and Esme. Great-Aunts and Uncles- Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice. Aunts and Uncles- Rebecca, Rachael, Paul, and Embry. (Embry imprinted on Rebecca.)

Past: Born in Forks. Moved to La Push at 2 months old. Moved to Denali at age 2.

Age: 3 1/2
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Carly Sarah Emily Black
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