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If you like the twilight saga, the movies or the books you can join as an original or make your own character up!
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Adrian Xavier
Adrian Xavier

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PostSubject: Adrian Xavier   Adrian Xavier I_icon_minitimeWed 10 Mar 2010, 05:51

Full Name (First and Last): Adrian Micheal Xavier

Hair Color (Natural/Dyed): Brown

Eye Color (Contacts/Natural): Green

Vampire (Yes/No): Human

If Vampire, Who Changed You: I'm still a human.

Heighth (Feet and Inches): 6'3

Description (what they wear, what they look like, any special scar or
birthmark that they can be recognized by): Brownish hair, green eyes,
usually dresses casual, and wears comfortable name brand clothes and

Special Talents (This can be anything from soccerplaying
to lockpicking): I can play the bass guitar, and good at persuding, and
the jedi mind trick.

Personality(Are they sarcastic, funny,
shy, etc. How do they react when held at gunpoint, or asked to dance,
etc. what do they think of other people/vampires, etc): Clever, Sly,
Smart, Funny, and sarcastic when need be

Occupation (What do they do for a living): Hobo at the street corner on tuesdays, (: P) and part time cashier at Newtons.

Places Lived: Kona, Hawaii, then Forks.

(Brothers, Sisters, Mom, Dad, Etc.): Two little sisters (8 and 9),
Ashley and Mariah, One little brother, (1), Alex, Mom, Miranda, Dad,

Cars (If Any): An old jeep cherokee

(Descriptive Please!): Born in Kona, Hawaii, lived there until I turned
15, then moved to Washington because of my mom's new job. I was
enrolled in Forks High School my first week there. Life's pretty normal.
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Adrian Xavier
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