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 Elizabeht Anna Marquee

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PostSubject: Elizabeht Anna Marquee   Elizabeht Anna Marquee I_icon_minitimeWed 10 Mar 2010, 15:02

Full Name (First and Last): Elizabeht Anna Marquee

Hair Color (Natural/Dyed): Dirty Blonde

Eye Color (Contacts/Natural): Hazel

Vampire (Yes/No): Yes

If Vampire, Who Changed You: A Romanian

Heighth (Feet and Inches): 5'1

Description (what they wear, what they look like, any special scar or
birthmark that they can be recognized by): Wears bell-bottom pants and t-shirts with wierd sayings on it like "it is as bad as you think and they are out to get you." a size 8.5 sneaker and rarely wears heels. likes to be comfortable, although nothing makes her uncomfortable. tries to fit into 'human' society and it works, people dont suspect a thing. A freckle right above my right eyebrow.

Special Talents (This can be anything from soccerplaying
to lockpicking): I can silence any alarm within 5 seconds as long as I know what alarm it is. I'm nastily quiet on my feet and I can scare without even meaning to. I can also draw pretty well and my reading ability is very high. The last one is my vampire ability. I can move things with my mind.

Personality(Are they sarcastic, funny,
shy, etc. How do they react when held at gunpoint, or asked to dance,
etc. what do they think of other people/vampires, etc): Brave, can be funny, very sarcastic, doesn't care what people think. I would tell someone that had me at gunpoint to pull the trigger but they better make sure it kills me. I think that humans are cool but their sort of know-it-alls and that other vampires should give most humans a chance to live instead of biting and killing. {vegetarian vampire!}

Occupation (What do they do for a living): Don't really have to do anything, but I do. I am an archaeologist student.

Places Lived: Romania, New York City, now in Forks.

(Brothers, Sisters, Mom, Dad, Etc.): 5 older brothers (still humans), 1 sister Nicole (still human), their all dead now.

Cars (If Any): 2008 Lamborgini & a hybrid.
(Descriptive Please!): Born in whats now Brooklyn, New York. I lived there until my second year of being 18. My family thinks I am dead and gone, but in reality I had to leave. After I was turned, I tried to look after my family but to no avail. They moved to Houston and that is a way too sunny place for vampires. So I came to Forks, Washington in hope of finding a place that was kind and that I wasn't the only vampire that chose not to live off of humans. I knew there were others out there, so I set off finding them. This is where life lead me. My parents died in 1912. I faked my death by drowning.
And that's been my life thus far.
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Elizabeht Anna Marquee
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