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 meeting a hater.

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Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams

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meeting a hater. Empty
PostSubject: meeting a hater.   meeting a hater. I_icon_minitimeSat 20 Mar 2010, 11:28

Hayley sat on a bough next to a woman with red hair.
Woman: Who are you girl?
Hayley answered: Hayley.
The woman: No Cullen?
Hayley shook her head.
Hayley: Who are you?
Woman: Victoria.
TVictoria: No not now. That little girl is always in the way. I'm gonna kill her now!
Hayley looked also down and saw who she ment. Aria.
Hayley: leave her alone she did nothing wrong.
The woman looked Hayley in the eyes and started talking: That girl is a Cullen I hate them and will kill them all.
Hayley: On your own and way kill them?
Victoria: they killed my mate and now I will kill them all so we're even.
Hayley: not this girl please... She doesn't know anything I swear.
Victoria looked at Hayley.
Victoria: okay i won't kill her if you join me.
Aria: Hayley get away from her!!
Hayley looked down.
Hayley: I will think about it.
victoria ran away.

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meeting a hater. Empty
PostSubject: Re: meeting a hater.   meeting a hater. I_icon_minitimeTue 10 Jan 2012, 05:31

Sorry if this is in wrong spot.Just got back from the range with my 995ts.Had some new magazines to test.Went well with only 1 magazine not loading into gun unless i only put 9 bullets in it.Ill figure out that one at a later date.As i was leaving a older gentleman who was shooting a keltec approached me.I heard him telling some others before hand that he considered a hi point but "just didnt trust them".I laughed to myself at the time because kel tec get the same bad rap hi points get.ANy way he asked me how the carbine shot and i told him great plus it has a lifetime transferable warranty.All was well til i mentioned that i was getting a C9 in a couple months when he said do yourself a favor and get a glock instead.I personally do not want any guns without some type of safety besides the trigger and told him i already have a ruger p95 that i carry when i carry and the hi point would be a fun plinker and a back up to the ruger.He satarted talking to some others so i never ogt to the point of buying 3 hi points for the cost of 1 glock.Im not hating on glocks personally.They are not for my taste since im not comfortable with them.I know they are a super reliable gun but just not for me.Thought id share this with everyone. BTW the 995TS is ready for zombies at 25 yards.Ill test it at 50 when the range is less crowded.
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meeting a hater.
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