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If you like the twilight saga, the movies or the books you can join as an original or make your own character up!
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 Brianna Black

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PostSubject: Brianna Black   Sat 03 Apr 2010, 23:15

Full Name: Brianna Lillyana Black

Hair Colour: Long Straight Blackish Brown hair down to my waist.

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolf/Shapeshifter): Human

Height: 5"0'

Physical Description: Short, skinny, cheerleader's body, altheletic.

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.): Can cheerlead really well, a black belt, and is a Siren; meaning she can mesmerize people by singing.

Personality: Friendly, acts like a blonde, silly, dances alot, smiles all the time, really loud, hyper, and crazy.

Places Lived: La Push

Where you live now: La Push

Family: My father Billy Black and my Brother Jacob Black.

Past: I was born into my family in 1995, I am 14 almost 15 and I am Billy's daughter. My mother died when I was little and I don't remember her. I know about the wolves and I keep it secret. I discovered I was a siren when I was 10 and I was singing to a family friend and my best friend Seth Clearwater.
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Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Brianna Black   Sun 04 Apr 2010, 07:30

welcome at the twilight RP
please reserve you original character before roleplaying.
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Brianna Black
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