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 shopping time for the irish baby!!

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PostSubject: shopping time for the irish baby!!   Tue 11 May 2010, 07:25

Liam come on you like shopping I said laughing when Liam came out of the corner with a wedding suit on. Lovely I said but when I looked at his face I gave hime something else. I swear you like these one this time I smiled with the most cute smile I had. Alright then he growled. He changed the suit for the jeans and sweater. He came back and he looked beautifull. I jumped up and down kissing his cheek. we walked out of the store and I saw emmett flying by. Emmett please not now I said trying to get him away from Liam. Liams smiled and just by accident his shirt ripped of his body. het crossed his arms and smiled. Lot better he said. I rolled my eyes. show off I said. He didn't smiled but made a pose for a girl who loved his body. I whispered something in Emmetts ear and he laughed.
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shopping time for the irish baby!!
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