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 visiting the doctor

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Kate Williams
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Kate Williams

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PostSubject: visiting the doctor   Wed 12 May 2010, 17:09

Kate pushed everyone aside someone even broke something she didn't care. She walked into the Doctors office and hit the desk. So you are the one who made my sister act like this Kate said flatly. Who are you? the doctor asked with the most sweetest voice he got. Hayley's real sister. Kate answered. The doctor looked into Kate's eyes. How did you got that eyecolour.? He asked curious. Like I care Kate said angry. Do you drink human blood? he asked. No kate said flatly. We don't either he said smiling this time. wait you don't? Kate looked surprised. Why do you think I became a doctor The doctor smiled.
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Leah Somnium
Leah Somnium

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PostSubject: Re: visiting the doctor   Tue 27 Dec 2011, 22:01

Leah walked bashfully into Dr. Cullens room. This was the eighth time she'd been in here for a week. Yeah, she was pretty unlucky.
"Back again Leah?" asked Dr. Cullen.
"I LIKE RAINBOWS!!!" yelled Leah. Then Dr. Cullen saw Jenna Somnium.
"Um, I think she cracked...she's always been a bit insane but..." they stared at Leah who was aimlessly playing with her hair whilst singing Party Rock Anthem. Dr. Cullen stopped Leah's insaneness and she looked at him.
"Dr., I think I broke my whole body, look." she poked everywhere on her body and said ow wherever she touched. Dr. Cullen snorted.
"You just sprained your finger."
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Rogue Cullen
Rogue Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: visiting the doctor   Tue 10 Apr 2012, 13:37

Rogue went for the first time with her father to work. She was sure she's ready to face too many people, and to smell a lot of blood too. She has gotten over her craving for human blood. She sat on a chair beside Carlisle's chair. She saw a picture of her family on the desk. She took it and looked at it. This was taken before I was one of them. She sighed, remembering her first encounter with Carlisle. Remembering how her hair color changed unbelievably a week after her transformation.
Rogue was removed from her thoughtfulness when Carlisle came back. He took the family picture and placed it back to where she got it. Rogue looked down, feeling embarrassed.

"We'll have one with you soon, Rogue."

She looked up, beaming. Then a woman carrying a baby appeared.

Rogue looked at the woman and smiled, "Hello. Good morning, ma'am. What is it that you need?"

The woman eyed the bronze-haired girl in front of her.

Rogue grinned, "I am Dr. Cullen's youngest adopted daughter. But now, I am her secretary."
Carlisle laughed then went near the woman, "Let's go this way, ma'am."...
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PostSubject: Re: visiting the doctor   

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visiting the doctor
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