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 Astoria Whitlock

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Full Name:Astoria Elane Whitlock

Hair Color:Brown

What are you:human


Physical Description: Astoria is not very tall,and she is very skinny.

Special Talents: Despite being a human, she can change her body's color to match her surrondings.

Personality:Astoria is very bubbly, and carefree. She is always saying random stuff, and is very out there. She has a very soft voice, and is a girly girl.

Places lived:Texas, Forks,Washington

Where you live now: Forks,Washington

Family:Well, Astoria's parents abandoned her, and she has lived by herself. However, she is Jasper Hale's long lost sibling.

Past:Astoria was born in Texas. Her parents were very cruel, and when she got older, at the age of 15, they dropped her off on the side of the high way, with nothing but the clothes on her back. She then walked around, and around, and around, until she came to someone's Civil War papers, that person being Jasper Whitlock. She did reserch on her family tree, and discovered he was her long lost brother. She then took some odd jobs, and payed for an air ticket to Forks. She bought an apartment, and has lived there ever since..
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Astoria Whitlock
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