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 Question about an idea

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PostSubject: Question about an idea   Tue 29 Jun 2010, 17:42

before i even begin with my idea, i want to ask if i can even do it
i intendt to be a sort of warrior called Shadow Hunter , a sort of vampire hunter , under the service of an emperor in another world
if you allow me to work my idea i assure i will not go killing vampires or the sort, and i will keep to the canon, minus some modifications on my part
thats about it, if you allow me to play lke this i can go on detail about the character background, but i can assure i will follw your rules to the letter
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PostSubject: Re: Question about an idea   Thu 01 Jul 2010, 13:35

pm Hayley williams she is sort of our boss until the owner comes back she is sort of second owner xD ask her she will tell what to do.
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Question about an idea
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