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 Character Application - Sulpicia Volturi

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Character Application - Sulpicia Volturi Empty
PostSubject: Character Application - Sulpicia Volturi   Character Application - Sulpicia Volturi I_icon_minitimeFri 02 Jul 2010, 06:22

Full Name:
Sulpicia Volturi

Hair Colour:

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter):



Physical Description:

Extremely fair with delicate/fragile and porcelain looking skin

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.):
Knowledge of all the Volturi members' natures, personalities, and histories (and some of their weaknesses)

Acquired skill and talents from centuries of remote study and practicing in her sheltered castle tower


Calm and serene yet intriguing and moderately curious (as her mate, Aro).
However, she is obedient to the Volturi leaders, Aro foremost.
She longs to have children, but has accepted that it is impossible.
Her motherly insticts and tendencies must be repressed as Aro requests she behave for her own safety and for the sake of the coven.

Places Lived:

The cities of what was Ancient Rome and elsewhere in the mediterranean.

Where you live now:

Volterra, Italy


Volturi Coven


Born in Athens during the era of the ancient Roman empire, Sulpicia was raised being taught the value of knowledge and surrounded by the budding minds of mathematicians, artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, and the like. Her curious mind led her to become and intelligent young woman. She was raised by a family of slight nobility and wealth as her behaviour was that of a proper lady with proper manners of her time.

However, upon one evening, she met a young man who seemed bright as a scholar, and ambitious as the emperor himself in a conquest for power. She came to know tha man as Aro. Night after night they met as Sulpicia stole away 'to study astronomy beneath the stars in her own silence and privacy'. Eveyr night they exchanged their abundance in knowledge, shared their interests and opinions, and gradually fell in love. Aro being a man unknown to the majority of society because of his absence during daylight. When Sulpicia told her parents of their proposed union, they made no notice of her 'foolish imagination'. Frustrated, Sulpicia met with Aro that night and decided to spend her life with the only person (or at that time she thought) understood her. Not long after, Aro introduced to Sulpicia the idea of being able to live for centuries; he told her she would witness great history in the making and that she would have all the time in the world to read and visit anything she wanted. Sulpicia could not resist the temptation and immediately agreed to whatever Aro's 'solution' was. Three weeks of pain later, Sulpicia had been reborn; she had no bitterness to her condition and it was not until long after did she feel some regret for what had she had decided.

There was a period in her new lifetime that she completely doubted her choice to be with Aro. However, this doubt was soon dissolved with the addition of Chelsea to the coven. Any uncertainties Sulpicia held against Aro's coven in formation were manipulated by Chelsea's abilities. Before the death of Marcus' mate and Aro's sister, Didyme, Sulpicia was granted the freedom Aro promised her before she was turned. She visited many places and kept her mate company whenever he or his guard travelled. Upon the loss of one of the wives, Aro and Caius forbade either of the remaining wives to put themselves in danger. This resulted in Sulpicia along with Athenodora (mate of Caius) being locked and protected in the castle towers; where without the abilities of Chelsea, would Sulpicia slowly rot and lose her mind.

Kelly Reilly
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Character Application - Sulpicia Volturi
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