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 Holly and Jade Rispecter

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PostSubject: Holly and Jade Rispecter   Holly and Jade Rispecter I_icon_minitimeMon 05 Jul 2010, 16:48

(Doing two
characters at the same time because they talk in people's minds using their
gift. Is that okay?)

Full Names: Holly Rispecter and Jade Rispecter

Human, Vampire, or Werewolf: Vampires

Height: Both 5'2

Hair Color: They both have black hair, though Holly has a streak of red, and
Jade has a green one.

Eye Color: Gold or Red, depending on the location.

Places Lived: France, Florida, Maine, Seattle.

Personalities: Holly: Fun, spunky, sarcastic, compassionate. Jade: Bored, dark,
lucky, sarcastic, curious, competitive.

Current Place: Forks

Family: Each other.

Physical Description: Petite, poker faces, skinny, dark clothes, and charm
bracelets made of holly and jade.

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting): Holly can sort
of open up pathways between people's minds and her own, which allows her to
know their thoughts and speak in their minds. She can also see people's
memories. Jade can do the same thing as Holly except she can't see their
memories and can control people's minds and use their gifts.

Past: Holly and Jade were at the opposite ends of the spectrum until the death
of their mother and the change brought them together. Just like Alice, they
never knew their creator, so they had to learn the rules of the vampire world
themselves. In some ways the rules mean little, and in others they are the
whole world. Because of their gifts, they have never found any serious trouble.
Over time, their minds are almost one, meaning they can use each other’s gifts
to any extent. After leaving Maine, they decided to stay in the North instead
of moving somewhere else and travel to Washington because of their experience with Seattle when they were children.
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Holly and Jade Rispecter
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