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 Taking a hike

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Kali Cooley

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PostSubject: Taking a hike   Wed 06 Oct 2010, 22:30

It was a beautiful rare day and Kali decided on going hiking. The ground was still wet from the raining but with hiking shoes Kali didn't care. She was in a light blue t-shirt, jeans and had a backpack full of snacks and water. She loved walking through the forest seeing nature in action. She remembered doing this with her mom, dad and older brother, Nathan. She missed him. She hadn't seen him for over two years but mom says Kali will be able to see him next mouth. Nathan is in fact a vampire and so is her parents. Kali is the only human and is faced with the descion. She would probably end up doing it for her family. She wiped the thought away and continued her nature hike.
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Taking a hike
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