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 Jezeabella's Mansion

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PostSubject: Jezeabella's Mansion    Jezeabella's  Mansion  I_icon_minitimeWed 10 Nov 2010, 17:23

Jezza stood in the entrance way looking at her beautifull new house in Forks,Washintion. It felt weird living by hershelf no family no friends no nothing this was just like when they moved from Italy to France only now she was a vampire and she had no family. She shook her head "only 16 and im already supporting myshelf this wasnt how it was supposed to be this isn't how i saw it a year ago " she went to the fridge and grabed a soda she didnt need it but she wanted it she felt like it gave her some of her old self back. Jezza grabed a glass and poured a little soda into it and put the rest back in the fridge she walked into the entrance way again and outside .Looking around she tought im gonna like it here i dont have to hide she wached as the sun came up and made her skin shine . She smiled to hershelf and tought im gonna like it here
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Jezeabella's Mansion
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