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 moving into forks....

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Calypso Pyra
Calypso Pyra

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PostSubject: moving into forks....   Tue 13 Sep 2011, 08:28

i was in my bright blue car driving down the road and had just passed the welcome to forks sign.
i had bought a house near the forest a couple of weeks ago and all my belongings had been moved already.
this is the first time ive been out of england and this was all new to me i used to live in the city.
but moving wasnt new to me being a jumper i had to constently move around england.

pulling up to the house and stepping out of the car i look into the forest and continue walking towards my new home.
it wasnt a very big house even though it was two storeys. the white walls looked nice with the black roof.
getting inside i see that all my furniature had been arranged nicely and that nothing had been broken.

getting up the stair i hop into bed and let the jet lag sink in....
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moving into forks....
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