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 Meet Juliet Maslow.

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PostSubject: Meet Juliet Maslow.   Thu 13 Oct 2011, 23:12

Name. Juliet Maslow
What she is. Vampire
Gender. Female
Eye color. gray
Hair color. blonde
Age. 16
Height. about 5'1"

Physical Description. Juliet is described as being 5'1". She has a slender figure. She has blonde hair, sometimes its straight and sometimes its wavy. She has gray eyes which seem to change to a dark gray when shes worried or scared.

Special Talents. she can speak to animals & can look through someone elses eyes and be able to see what their seeing and also being able to feel their emotion/pain.

Personality. Juliet is very soft-spoken and often keeps to herself. She is very intelligent and beautiful. Her gray eyes seem to sometimes manipulate people into agreeing with her and doing watever she wants. Juliet is somewhat naive, which makes her easy to trick. Her eyes seem always clouded with worry or grief or just mixed emotions. Her voice is like pebbles flowing over a stream. She does not like to drink blood she finds it hard to do and slightly repulsive.

Family. Unknown at least to Juliet.

Past. She doesnt have much of a past being only at the age sixteen she is still in highschool.
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Meet Juliet Maslow.
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