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 Application For Symphony Fade

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Symphony Fade
Symphony Fade

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PostSubject: Application For Symphony Fade   Application For Symphony Fade I_icon_minitimeSat 22 Oct 2011, 22:07

Name: Symphony Star Fade
Gender: Female
What you are: Newborn Vampire
Age: 18
Hair: Black, shoulder length, straight
Eyes: Gold/black
Height: 5'8"
Talents: Concealment, telepathic.
Symphony, when she was first human, had a child with her husband.In a rogue vampire attack, her child and husband were killed and Symphony was turned. After becoming a new-born, she was lost and very confused, wandering until she found herself deep in the trees near Forks, where she has settled down, trying to control the river of new talents, skills, and pain for her lost child and husband.
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Application For Symphony Fade
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