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If you like the twilight saga, the movies or the books you can join as an original or make your own character up!
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 So Alone......

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Symphony Fade
Symphony Fade

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PostSubject: So Alone......   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 02:50

Symphony: I shivered, even though I never felt cold in the winter nor heat in the summer. I drew deeper in the shadows, hiding from human hikers, wolves, and vampires alike. My arms ached from where I tried knives, rocks, and every other tool I could think of to try and slice open and replace the scars from my human life. "Why did they disappear? I asked myself out loud. I laid down on the cold ground, and as I started to shiver out of instinct, I cried out of pain and loss.
"Why am the only one cursed with this wretched thing?" I sobbed.
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So Alone......
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