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 trip to port angeles and library.

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PostSubject: trip to port angeles and library.   Sat 29 Oct 2011, 08:09

Tasha didnt have much luck in finding a job in forks. It didnt help that she didnt have an address or even a phone number to be reached at and her appearance definetly didnt help matters. But it seemed the biggest problem was the lack of people hiring in the small town. She didnt want to but it looked like chances would be better in Port Angeles. Tasha headed to the edge of town towards the road that lead most traffic to Port Angeles and stuck out her thumb. She began walking. Her backpack weighing heavily on her back hoping to soon get a ride. It felt like hours before someone picked her up and perhaps it had been but she didnt deal to much on the matter she was just happy to be off her feet for a bit. She would have to get new shoes somehow as the ones she wore were beginning to tear up a bit at the bottom. The old man didnt talk much opting for the radio instead of conversation and tasha respected that. She wasnt in the mood to talk about anything personal which is usually the case in hitchhiking. She wanted to start fresh and not reveal to much to anyone in the area unless she knew for certain that they could be trusted with any information including things as simple as her name. The drive was short lived but unfortunetly it was raining in Port Angeles. Not unexpected but still a pain. Tasha thanked the man for the ride who in turn gave her a small sum of cash. Five dollars to be exact. Tasha was use to people giving her money as she spent most her time panhandling and thanked the man again. He drove off leaving her to find her way on foot. Not wanting to stay in the rain looking like a drown cat tasha put the cash safely in her pocket and began walking down the street. Asking for directions she finally found the town library. It wasnt very big but it was perfect for staying dry finding a seat in the far corner hidden by shelves of books tasha sat down to relax. However not wanting to use the time unresponsibly tasha got up and found a stack of the days newspapers near the front door taking one back to her seat she sat the paper infront of her after sitting back down and opened the paper to the classified section. Frustrated that there was nothing that could be of importance to her she folded up the paper and pushed it to the end of the desk. She looked out the window watching the rain. Looks like ill be staying in port angeles for the night. She thought.
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trip to port angeles and library.
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