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 [♥] Isabella Swan/Cullen [♥] Character Application [♥]

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Isabella Swan
Isabella Swan

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[♥] Isabella Swan/Cullen [♥] Character Application [♥] Empty
PostSubject: [♥] Isabella Swan/Cullen [♥] Character Application [♥]   [♥] Isabella Swan/Cullen [♥] Character Application [♥] I_icon_minitimeSun 20 Nov 2011, 06:08

Full Name: Isabella Marie Swan (However, she prefers to be called and known as Bella).

Hair Colour: Dark Brown.

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter): Human, but I am then soon turned into a vampire.

Height: 5'5

Physical Description: Bella Swan/Cullen is known to have dark brown hair along with a pair of chocolate brown eyes.

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.): As a vampire, she has the ability to form an invisible shield around those of her choice, including herself, and block most talents from reaching them. For example, Jane's ability to inflict mental pain at her target would not be felt by the target if Bella were to be shielding the target.

Personality: Bella describes herself as average, and that she isn't anything big or special. She is not athletic and is often awkward while participating in such events. Bella is clumsy, and according to Edward, unlucky. Her mind is the only mind Edward Cullen, her vampire husband, cannot read. There is no reason brought up in the books or movies on why he cannot, and the problem wasn't looked further into either. Bella is not picky, which is then showed in the movie and book Twilight when her father Charlie, gets her an old. red Chevy truck. She has experience with cooking due to Charlie not being able to cook.
Mean while, Bella is brave, loyal, and trusting. She put up with her human life and family, even when a blood-thirst vampire is on the loose. She managed to keep one of the biggest secrets she's ever came to known from her family and friends as well. Even though Edward tells her from the beginning the things he is capable of as a vampire, Bella does not seem to care, which she then says multiple times through out the series.

Places Lived: Phoenix, Arizona with her mother Renee, and her step father Phil. She then moved to a small town named Forks with her father Charlie, located in the state of Washington.

Where you live now: Washington, Forks with Charlie/Edward and Renesmee.

Charlie - Father
Renee - Mother
Phil - Step Father
Esme - Mother in Law
Carlisle - Father in Law
Emmett - Brother in Law
Rosalie - Sister in Law
Jasper - Brother in Law
Alice - Sister in Law
Edward - Husband
Renesmee - Daughter

Past: In the past Bella used to live with her mother Renee and father Charlie as a child. She attended dance classes in Forks, Washington until her parents both divorced. Bella then moved with her mother to Phoenix, Arizona and visited her father Charlie over the summers until age 12. From then, Renee soon married a baseball player named Phil. Renee and Phil soon made plans to buy a beach house down in Jacksonville, Florida. Bella decided to move back to Forks, Washington with her father Charlie again.
In Bella's human years she attended Forks High School, Home of the Spartans. She made many friends on her first day, a close one ended up to be Angela whom stayed loyal through out their years together even when Bella was in a depressive stage of her life. Bella was automatically attracted to the mysterious Cullen's on the first day. Jessica, a friend who seemed jealous of Bella and the interest she held, informed Bella on the Cullen's. Bella and Edward Cullen soon became romantically interested in each other and began going out which led to marriage, a hybrid baby (half vampire, half human) named Renesmee, and being turned into a vampire like the rest of Edward's "family".
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[♥] Isabella Swan/Cullen [♥] Character Application [♥]
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