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 Application for Elphaba

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PostSubject: Application for Elphaba   Application for Elphaba I_icon_minitimeMon 05 Mar 2012, 03:50

Full Name: Elphaba Marie Thropp

Hair Colour: Black

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter): Vampire

Height: 5'6"

Physical Description: High cheekbones with pointed chin and nose. Ebony locks that flow just past the middle of her back. Piercing brown eyes that were once the color of melted chocolate. Her eyes are now a vivid red. Very pale, glitters in the sun. Full lips that are naturally bright red and long, luxorious lashes that frame her eyes. She is very thin and has more points than curves.

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.): She has a talent to match her temper. She can control and manipulate fire. Summon it at will and have it do whatever she wants. Don't get her mad.

Personality: Elphaba is sharp witted, spiky, and She's very introverted and prefers a good book to venturing out and about. Don't interup her when's she's reading, writing, or listening to music unless you have a death wish. She'll throw fire at anyone who gets her mad. Had she been without that power she'd find a way to harm you verbally instead - she's quite good at it too. She's easily angered and irritated which makes her have anger issues. She's also impatient - don't keep her waiting. She's never had love and doesn't want it, though she might change her mind. She's extremely paranoid for reasons unknown. Perhaps it's the books she reads. If she were to have 'friends' then she would show her softer side. She's very kind if she trusts you and will be a loyal friend for all eternity. She'll defend you even if it costs her dearly if you get lucky enough to break through her walls.

Places Lived: Texas

Where you live now: Forks

Family: mother- father - sister

Past: She had a normal life living in Texas - went to school in a good neighborhood. She had a summer birthday so was always a year younger than everyone else. Had a few close friends and a crush or two along the way. Chosing to read, write, and sing over shopping and everything else the 'populars' did. Everything changed after her 16th birthday. She was going out with a friend to the local shops for a movie. She was driving home when she saw someone who looked hurt on the side of the road. She moved to help him and she woke up three says later extremly parched and covered by a white sheet. She moved to get up and, once on the ground, found herself in a room with dead bodies inside a hospital. She slipped out of the hospital and went on the run. Her parents thought she was dead by now - why go back to them?
While on the run she discovered no amount of water would sate the biting in her throat. Coming upon a stranger for the first time she fell upon him, sucking his blood. She discovered she was a vampire and worked her way north, where she could hide in forests. She hunted very seldom as she avoided people as a general rule anyways. She made it to Forks, Washington and is trying to keep a low profile amongst the humans who could be her next meal.
She renamed herself once she found out her vampiric stare and power. Elphaba Thropp; after the Wicked Witch of the West. She moved her first name to her middle name as a reminder of her past life and the fact it sounded pretty with her new first name.

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Application for Elphaba
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