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 Rogue Kirstie Cullen

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Rogue Cullen
Rogue Cullen

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PostSubject: Rogue Kirstie Cullen   Rogue Kirstie Cullen I_icon_minitimeTue 10 Apr 2012, 12:20

Full Name: Rogue Kirstie Cullen

Hair Colour: Bronze

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter): Vampire

Height: 5'3

Physical Description: I often tie my hair in to a ponytail. My skin color's cream. I look young like a 13-year-old.

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.): I can hear things no matter how low the sound is, or how far the sound came from. I can also tune in and out, so that I wouldn't get confused.

Personality: Cheerful, kind-hearted, obedient, and caring.

Places Lived: Forks, Washington and Lunenberg NS, Canada

Where you live now: Lunenberg NS, Canada

Family: The Cullens

Past: I lived in the Philippines. In the mountains, actually. Along with my family. We were just poor.
One day, my mother told me to buy food in the market, which was farther down. When I was almost home, it was already dark and the meat scent in my basket -full of food from the market - attracted a pack of wild animals. They began attacking me. I tried to defend myself. I threw sticks and stones at them. But they showed no sign of retreat.
Finally, I threw my basket at them. They ate everything - including the basket - but they still wanted more, so they began attacking me again. And this time, I was left defenseless and hopeless.
The wild animals left me dying with blood all around me. Luckily, Carlisle was there. He took care of me and brought me to where the Cullens were staying. They were in the Philippines to hide from Caius. They figured that, if they hide in an unfamiliar country, they wouldn't be found. Caius wanted to kill Bella for staying human, although there was already a date.
When I got better, the Cullens debated if, whether or not, I'll be one of them. Carlisle won, so now, I'm a part of their family.
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Rogue Kirstie Cullen
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