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If you like the twilight saga, the movies or the books you can join as an original or make your own character up!
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 Second Day

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Rogue Cullen
Rogue Cullen

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PostSubject: Second Day   Tue 10 Apr 2012, 13:16

On her second day, Rogue rode on her own car. Her blue Audi Coupe TT stood out in the parking lot. The others had old-fashioned cars. Rogue laughed at the term she just thought. Old-fashioned. Just like us.
Rogue was excited to see the expressions of the people who were talking about her yesterday. She wanted to hear their new topics. This made her very anxious. I wish I was like Edward, a mind-reading freak. She laughed again.
She got out of the car and sniffed the misty air, Forks'climate was great for vampires. Some vampires can stay here and not be nomads for a while. In this climate, vampires can be humans...
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Second Day
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