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 visit of the penpal

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visit of the penpal Empty
PostSubject: visit of the penpal   visit of the penpal I_icon_minitimeThu 28 Jun 2012, 20:42

" ah this reminds me at home" naomi said when she brushed aside her wet long brown hair in front of her eyes.
she looked at the paper to be convinced she is at the right house.
the house of miss bella swan.
ever since bella loged in on that penpal site she was convinced they would be great friends.
that was untill she moved to forks and i didn't hear two weeks from her.
untill sudenly a message came up.

" dear naomi,
remember when i said i didn't believe in love...i fell in love now."

your dearest friend bella.

naomi had smirked with her message still as short as ever. but she was glad. so when dad said we were going to live in forks my heart jumped a building high.

naomi knocked a few times

charlie opened the door.

"hello is bella home?"
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visit of the penpal
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