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 Jessica Alice Germanotta

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PostSubject: Jessica Alice Germanotta   Jessica Alice Germanotta I_icon_minitimeFri 05 Mar 2010, 08:13

Full name: Alice Jessica Germanotta.

Hair colour: White/blonde

What are you:(Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter): Vampire/shapeshifter.

height: 5'6''

Physical Description: Purple eyes . Sarcastic.

Special Talents: She shape shifts into a cat. She has a very strange working on boys and men. They will see her the way they call a dreamgirl. even if she doesn't look like that at all. Only female can see her the way she really is.

Personality: Always happy and very smart and can be a real Bitch when she needs to be one. She can be serious when she needs to be though. and she's really sarcastic.

Places lived: as a house cat everywhere in Europe not longer then a week.

family: Only Edward is left.

Where do you live now: Forks.

past: Jessica was Edwards cousin before he died she gave him a necklace which she found when she heard he was gone. She looked everywhere for his grave when she finally saw him ( alive ) on a rock screaming to Carlisle. Edward couldn't help himself when he saw her so he bit her. Carlisle ripped him of her body and brought her to his home. She learned to eat like they do but she couldn't help herself sometimes that she decided to live elsewhere without doing any harm.
Later she learned it herself and bought a house close to the Cullens so she can always have someone near her to help her when she needs it.
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Jessica Alice Germanotta
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