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 human than vampire please join

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PostSubject: human than vampire please join   Sun 01 Jan 2012, 20:17

there was a three year old girl and her name was Bella hale and her big brother Jasper is raising her one day they were on a walk and they ran in to the cullens and they asked if they wanted to live with them and now Bella is still human but she will get turnd and jasper is a vampire and there mother died when she was giving birth. Jasper was turnd when he was 18 now he is 33 years old.

and i am bella
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PostSubject: Re: human than vampire please join   Thu 28 Jun 2012, 20:54

the new girl was walking sighing to school when she met a beautifull girl.

"h-hey" she stutters to the for her not knowing bella.
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human than vampire please join
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