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 Character Application - Jane Volturi

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Character Application - Jane Volturi Empty
PostSubject: Character Application - Jane Volturi   Character Application - Jane Volturi I_icon_minitimeFri 02 Jul 2010, 07:25

I know I posted an application for Sulpicia, but I figured it might not work out if there isn't an Aro.
Whichever of the two are accepted, I shall take on.
However, if both are acceptable, I might have another account activated.
If I am not allowed to hold two, I shall have a friend of mine take and run the other account.

Smile thanks.

Full Name:
Jane Volturi

Hair Colour:

What are you (Vampire, Human or Werewolve/Shapeshifter):



Physical Description:
Young and has the appearance of a child. She looks innocent with youthful face resembling "Boticelli Angels" only more beautifull and angelic. She is short with a slim and 'undeveloped' figure. Long poker-straight platinum blonde hair (movie)/Brown somewhat disheveled hair (book)

Special Talents (anything from lock-picking to shapeshifting.):
Has the ability to inflict an illusion of pain on a desired victim. The sensation is usually compared to that of the pain from a burn.


Despite her cordial and naive appearance, Jane is ruthless, cold, and calculated. She had planned three steps ahead of everyone, keeping her as the favourite among the Volturi leader, Aro. She is self-righteous and over-confident in her special ability. She has the tendency to be open about her sadistic nature and frequently finds pleasure in the pain and/or suffering of others. Her icy personality allows her to be an agile and sharp guard member. Her very well-hidden affections are seldom expressed toward her brother and perhaps her master, Aro.

Places Lived:

All throughout Europe (regions where witch persecutions occured). Perhaps she lived within the United Kingdom (judging by the origins of her name)

Where you live now:
Volterra, Italy

She belongs to the Volturi Coven. She is lucky enough to have her brother as a part of the same coven as a guard as well.


Jane and her brother, Alec, were victims accused of witchcraft at around the time witches in Europe were burned at the stake (approx. the 13th-15th Century). Aro, realizing somehow, the gifts of the siblings, wished to turn them once they grew older. However, people around Jane and her Alec, suspected they of witchcraft and out of fear decided to kill them as a precaution. Aro interfered with their execution and destroyed the whole village before the siblings were harmed. Jane and Alec were turned into two of the strongest if not the strongest vampires. They have a great loyalty to their coven, possibly engendered by the fact that Aro saved their lives.
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Character Application - Jane Volturi
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